Our vision

We believe that music is of inherent cultural value and that it can have a lifelong impact on the social, educational and cultural development of children and communities. Therefore, we are working towards a world where everyone has access to extraordinary music.

"Classical music needs powerful advocates who can communicate a passion, whether on the stage or beyond. It is not only about captivating a concert audience but also about inspiring those in the wider community - particularly the next generation of emerging musicians and potential new concertgoers."

Victoria Robey OBE, Founder DIrector, London Music Masters

what we do

LMM  learning | our work in schools, our teacher training programmes, our commitment to advocating for access and excellence in music. Click here for more details.


LMM artists | the LMM Award for violinists and composers and our work with LMM Ambassadors and our creative partners. Click here for more details.




why we do it

Music is important, and high quality music making opportunities must be available for all.

Emerging artists trying to establish careers deserve our support as they strive to keep great music alive. Children and young people in our poorest neighbourhoods deserve the opportunity to learn from brilliant young musicians.


We have a dual focus on teaching those at the beginning of their musical journey and supporting those emerging into the professional sphere. Finding innovative ways of bringing the two together for the benefit of all is our great passion. For more information please contact Executive Director Rob Adediran.