"Classical music needs powerful advocates who can communicate a passion, whether on the stage or beyond. It is not only about captivating a concert audience but also about inspiring those in the wider community - particularly the next generation of emerging musicians and potential new concertgoers."

Victoria Robey, founder of LMM

 Our goals

  • To promote and facilitate musical excellence
  • To create an holistic approach to musical development from grassroots through to young professionals
  • To provide stimulating musical education through long-term and sustained instrumental teaching, musicianship and engagement with creative partners for children who would not otherwise have the opportunity
  • To develop a financially sustainable and high quality music education model
  • To provide career development for young professional violinists, aspiring towards international recognition, through financial support, performance opportunities and mentoring
  • To enable professional musicians to become inspirational role models to children and young musicians and engage with local communities
  • To strive for greater diversity amongst performers and audiences 

what we do

LMM Awards are given every three years to three exceptional violinists between the ages of 16 and 25, recognising extraordinary musicianship with generous financial and career support.  The LMM Awards seek to help exceptionally talented young artists to further their professional careers while serving as positive role models, reaching new audiences and enriching their communities and themselves.


The Bridge Project is an educational initiative which identifies and nurtures young children who might not otherwise have the opportunity to engage in classical music. Targeting diverse and socio-economically challenged inner-city boroughs, the Project encourages children, their families and their communities to develop a life-long appreciation for classical music in all its varied forms.



who we work with

We work with our creative partners to develop our programmes and offer unique opportunities for both the LMM Award Holders and the Bridge Project students.