I'M IN is an organisation level diversity and inclusion analysis tool. It is an audit, a provocation and a roadmap.

The tool, a questionnaire covering 10 dimensions of the business practice of a music organisation, provides a bespoke audit of the participating organisation’s position with regard to diversity and inclusion. It uncovers areas where bias is hindering progress, and highlights diversity strengths.

It provides a provocation to the leaders to view inclusion in its broadest possible sense and understand its impact across the whole organisation.


It provides a roadmap for incremental changes on an annual basis.


Helping music organisations become more diverse and more inclusive



Help us get it right

Our goal is really simple. We want every music organisation in the country to be able to better understand the benefits of diversity to their business and to know how to build a more inclusive organisation. We think I’M IN is part of the process.


If you would like to become part of the I'M IN test phase and help us get this right please contact Andy at asalamonczyk@londonmusicmasters.org