LMM at the ABO Conference 2018


For the second year in a row, LMM has been invited to host a conference session at the Association of British Orchestras conference - in fact this year we are doing two! We will be building on the conference's 2017 theme of diversity when we looked at the business, creative and education case for increasing diversity in classical music. This year we are digging deeper, asking questions about the role of unconscious bias in our decision making and how that can lead to biased institutionalised perspectives. Twelve months on from our ABO debut, we will be presenting the 'I'M IN' concept to the the public for the first time. I'M IN is an organisational diversity and inclusion audit tool developed over several months with music leaders from across the UK. Inspired by the motto: 'ask, understand, act', I'M IN is a detailed questionnaire which poses questions designed to uncover the impact of bias, as well as areas of good practice, within a music organisation. The process of completing the questionnaire leads to greater organisational understanding, this - when coupled with expert insights of the analysts who review each individual submission - provides a bespoke framework within which to act and make a difference.


For more information on how to join the testing phase of I'M IN, please click here.


LMM at the ABO conference: Thursday Jan 25, 10.00: Diversity in Action: I'm Biased | 11.45: Diversity in Action: I'M IN  please click here for conference details.

Posted on 24/01/2018 by Rob Adediran

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