LMM Champions Update

We are now halfway through our first year of LMM Champions, and so far the members of this exciting new programme have taken part in lots of fantastic opportunities.


This includes mentoring workshops with incredible soprano singer Nadine Benjamin, meetings led by the young people planning future events and performances, and our youngest Champions in Ashmole and Jessop Primary Schools have started their teaching experiences with our brilliant LMM Teachers, assisting the youngest violinists in our schools.


But why don’t we hear from the Champions themselves? We sent out Lois Vincent-Göbel from Year 5 at Jessop Primary to chat with some of the other Champions in her school, and ask them a few quick questions about their experiences in music.





What do you love most about music?


“What I mostly love about music is that you can do anything you want with it.” – Jan, Year 6






What impact have you made with LMM Champions and are you proud of?


“I have learned how to make myself more confident during LMM Champions and I am proud of that.” – Layla, Year 6






Where would you like to take your music into the future?


“I would like to perform my music and make it a hobby of mine.” – Qumia, Year 6







What has been your favourite part of LMM Champions so far?


“My favourite of LMM Champions so far was when we met Nadine Benjamin because she taught me that everyone can do music.” – Alvaro, Year 5






Later on this year, the children will prepare for a public speaking opportunity and also help at some of the events we will be running towards the end of the year. Our older Champions will be planning and leading creative workshops in partnership with Barbican Guildhall and continuing their preparations for an exclusively LMM Alumni-led performance for friends and family.


The aims of the LMM Champions programme are for young musicians to develop their creativity, boost their planning and leadership skills, and to discover new ways of exploring music. We are looking forward to what is to come for these inspiring young people and can’t wait to tell you all about it soon.

Posted on 28/02/2018 by Dafydd Evans

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