Demonstrating Impact in Music Education - A briefing paper for the music education sector


Can we know with greater certainty that we are achieving the aims of our community engagement programmes?
This is the question which drives the Demonstrating Impact in Music Education (DIME) group and to which this paper is addressed. DIME grew out of London Music Masters own journey of impact measurement. It is now a multi-agency sector wide initiative supporting and enabling real change for arts organisations in the UK.

Follow this link to download the full report: Demonstrating Impact in Music Education



Finding Meaning in Music

The role of community engagement in enhancing the professional musician’s experience


This report is based on a year-long research project from RCM Centre for Performance Science commissioned by London Music Masters. It is based on in-depth interviews with professional musicians who participated in LMM Learning events in 2015. Follow this link to download the full report: Finding Meaning in Music 


Watch the short video below to hear from the musicians in their own words.





Measuring Academic Outcomes 

This report looks into the impact on academic outcomes of the children who take part in LMM Learning* programmes. The report was commissioned by London Music Masters and delivered by Pro Bono Economics, the authors were Tera Allas and Joshua Monahan. Following the publishing of this report we set up a research group called Measuring Impact in Music Education with colleagues representing over 20 London and national music education organisations. We are working with the group to find common ways of understanding and measuring the effects of our work in the community.

Follow this link to download the full report:LMM Learning Impact Evaluation 2015

*referred to in report as Bridge Project