Musical Challenge

Compete against your friends to get the high score and improve your skills!

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You'll need headphones or speakers to play!

Parents, listen up:

This game is designed to help your child test and improve their musical knowledge.

After each answer there is an explanation of why the answer is right or wrong, and reading this bit is really important! We've kept the sentences friendly and encourage you to read it through with your child.

Brought to you by London Music Masters

High Scores

Rank Name School Score
1 Gio City 5010
2 Harry Nim Ashmole 4340
3 betania Ashmole 2730
4 Red C.C.C School 2340
5 Jason Althorps 1650
6 someone St George's 1330
7 han kim ashmole primary school 1290
8 Innes Ashmole 1290
9 Harry Nim Ashmole 1270
10 someone St George's 1240
Musical Challenge