Fiscally beneficial giving

Give more with Gift Aid

Gift Aid allows us to claim an additional 25% on top of your donation, at no extra cost to you. This money goes directly towards our programme and makes a significant difference to our fundraising.


If you are a higher rate tax payer, you can also claim back the difference between higher rate and basic rate tax on the value of your donation. For a 40% rate taxpayer, that means for every £1 you donate, you can claim back 25p in tax relief. This money can be re-claimed on your self-assessment tax return or by contacting your local tax office.


If you would like to give a gift to London Music Masters and would like us to be able to claim Gift Aid on this, please be in touch with us for a Gift Aid form.


Payroll giving

If your employer is registered with payroll giving, you can give donations directly from your gross salary. This method of giving means that you will receive immediate tax relief on your donations.


By giving in this way we will still receive the regular gifts that we need to plan for the future, and you will be giving in a tax-effective way.


To set this up, first check with your employer whether they are registered for payroll giving. If not, it is simple for them to set up with a Payroll Giving Agency. You then fill in a mandate with the charity you would like to support, the amounts you would like to give, and return it to the payroll department. Your donations will then automatically be received by LMM each month!


If you are interested in giving in this way, please be in touch with any questions or to let us know that you have set this up.


American donors

The CAF American Donor Fund allows tax-effective giving for dual UK and US taxpayers. Through the fund donors can claim UK tax relief and get a tax deduction in the US. Your donation could also be eligible for Gift Aid in the UK.


Donations can be made via CAF America in order to receive tax relief. By visiting the CAF America website and suggesting London Music Masters as a charity, CAF America can accept funds from American donors and distribute these to charities in the UK. Please note that there is a minimum $500 donation fee which is charged by CAF.


If you have any questions at all please do be in touch with Beth Quartermaine, Development Manager, at or on 020 7091 0767.